Water-boiled Egg Recipe Name in English, What is the Recipe Name for Water-boiled Eggs?

水煮鸡蛋英文菜谱名 水煮鸡蛋英文菜谱名叫什么


Water-boiled eggs, a popular dish enjoyed by people around the world, are known for their simplicity and versatility. In this article, we will explore the English recipe names for water-boiled eggs, providing clear definitions, categorizations, examples, and comparisons to shed light on this culinary topic.

Defining Water-Boiled Eggs

Water-boiled eggs, also referred to as soft-boiled eggs, are eggs that are cooked by submerging them in boiling water until the desired level of doneness is achieved. The cooking process allows the egg whites to solidify while the yolk remains soft and runny, resulting in a delicious and nutritious treat.

Categorizing Water-Boiled Eggs Recipe Names

When it comes to English recipe names for water-boiled eggs, they can be classified into several categories based on their ingredients, cultural influences, or cooking methods. Let's explore each category in detail.

1. Simple and Traditional Names

Some recipe names for water-boiled eggs emphasize simplicity and tradition. Examples of such names include

- Classic Soft-Boiled Eggs

- Traditional Water-Boiled Eggs

2. Regional and Cultural Names

In different parts of the world, water-boiled eggs have unique recipe names influenced by regional preferences and cultural backgrounds. Here are some examples

- Japanese Onsen Tamago (Hot Spring Eggs)

- Chinese Shui Zhu Ji Dan (Water-Boiled Chicken Eggs)

3. Creative and Modern Names

In recent years, innovative and creative recipe names have emerged to add a modern twist to water-boiled eggs. These names often aim to enhance the visual appeal or emphasize specific flavor combinations. Examples include

- Gourmet Creamy Center Eggs

- Delicate Soft-Boiled Delights

Comparing Water-Boiled Egg Recipe Names

Now, let's compare the different recipe names for water-boiled eggs to understand their nuances and implications.

Simple and traditional names have a timeless appeal, highlighting the history and authenticity of this dish. On the other hand, regional and cultural names provide a unique insight into the local culinary traditions associated with water-boiled eggs.

Creative and modern names, though more contemporary, can attract attention and appeal to those seeking a unique dining experience. These names often reflect the creative efforts of modern chefs to present water-boiled eggs in innovative ways.


Water-boiled eggs, a versatile and delicious dish, have various English recipe names that reflect their simplicity, cultural influences, or modern twists. From simple and traditional names to regional and creative options, each recipe name adds a unique flavor to this popular culinary delight.

In this article, we have explored the definitions, categorizations, examples, and comparisons of water-boiled egg recipe names. By understanding the different aspects of these names, we can appreciate the diverse cultural and culinary influences that contribute to the enjoyment of water-boiled eggs.


Water-boiled Egg A Comprehensive List of English Recipe Names


In the world of culinary delights, the humble water-boiled egg holds a special place. Loved for its simplicity, versatility, and nutritional value, the water-boiled egg has become a staple in various cuisines worldwide. This article aims to provide a comprehensive list of English recipe names associated with water-boiled eggs, presenting a diverse collection that showcases their adaptability to different tastes and preferences.

I. Classic Water-Boiled Egg Recipes

- Traditional Water-Boiled Egg The ultimate embodiment of simplicity, this recipe requires nothing more than an egg and water.

- Soft-Boiled Egg Achieving the perfect balance between a runny yolk and firm whites, this recipe is a classic breakfast favorite.

- Hard-Boiled Egg Boiled until the yolk is fully set, this recipe is ideal for salads, sandwiches, or a quick protein snack.

II. Regional Variations

- Asian-Style Tea Egg Steeping the water-boiled egg in a flavorful tea-based marinade adds complexity to the dish, popular in Asian cuisine.

- European-Style "Egg in a Hole" A delightful twist on the classic water-boiled egg, this recipe involves placing the egg inside a hole made in a slice of bread and cooking them together.

- Mexican "Huevos Ahogados" Literally meaning "drowned eggs," this variation involves simmering water-boiled eggs in a spicy tomato sauce.

III. Creative Egg Combinations

- Egg Salad Mashing water-boiled eggs and combining them with mayonnaise, mustard, and seasonings creates a delicious spread or filling for sandwiches.

- Scotch Egg Coating water-boiled eggs in sausage meat, breadcrumbs, and deep-frying them results in a hearty and indulgent snack.

- Deviled Eggs Mixing the water-boiled egg yolks with mayonnaise, mustard, and other flavorful ingredients, then piping the mixture back into the egg whites, creates an elegant appetizer.

IV. Egg-Centric Dishes

- Eggs Benedict A brunch favorite, this dish features a poached water-boiled egg served on top of a toasted English muffin, with Canadian bacon and Hollandaise sauce.

- Egg Fried Rice Combining water-boiled eggs with cooked rice, vegetables, and soy sauce results in a tasty and satisfying one-pot meal.

- Egg Curry Adding water-boiled eggs to a flavorful curry sauce creates a protein-rich, savory dish enjoyed in many cultures.


The water-boiled egg, a culinary marvel in its simplicity, offers endless possibilities for culinary exploration. From classic recipes to regional variations, creative combinations, and egg-centric dishes, there is a wide array of English recipe names associated with this versatile ingredient. By embracing the diverse culinary traditions, we can truly appreciate the immense potential of the water-boiled egg and its ability to satisfy our taste buds worldwide. So why not embark on this egg-citing gastronomic adventure and explore the countless possibilities that await?


英文菜谱中,水煮鸡蛋被称为"Boiled Eggs"。 Boiled Eggs是一道简单而经典的菜肴,是在煮沸的水中将鸡蛋整个煮熟的一种做法。以下是对"Boiled Eggs"的分类、举例和比较的阐述。


Boiled Eggs可以根据煮的时间来进行分类。根据鸡蛋的软硬程度,我们可以将Boiled Eggs分为三种:软煮蛋(Soft-Boiled Eggs)、半熟蛋(Medium-Boiled Eggs)和硬煮蛋(Hard-Boiled Eggs)。



Boiled Eggs在世界各地都是非常受欢迎的食物,不同地区有不同的烹饪方式和搭配。以下是一些常见的Boiled Eggs菜谱:

1. 英式早餐(English Breakfast):软煮蛋是英式早餐中的一部分,通常搭配煎蘑菇、烤面包、煎培根和烤番茄。

2. 日本拉面(Japanese Ramen):日本拉面中的半熟蛋是一种常见的配料,蛋黄半熟的状态会为拉面增添丰富的口感。

3. 凉拌蛋黄土豆丝(Potato Salad with Hard-Boiled Eggs):硬煮蛋通常被用来制作凉拌菜,如凉拌蛋黄土豆丝。将硬煮蛋切碎后与土豆丝、蔬菜和调味料混合,制成一道美味的凉拌菜肴。


Boiled Eggs在不同国家和地区有不同的名字和烹饪方式。日本人会将软煮蛋称为"Soft-Boiled Egg",而法国人则称之为"Œuf à la coque"。Boiled Eggs在不同菜谱中的用途和搭配也有所区别。


通过对"Boiled Eggs"的分类、举例和比较的阐述,我们可以了解到不同国家和地区对水煮鸡蛋的称呼和烹饪方式。无论是软煮蛋、半熟蛋还是硬煮蛋,Boiled Eggs都是一道简单而美味的菜肴,适合作为早餐、配料或凉拌菜使用。掌握了Boiled Eggs的英文菜谱名和相关知识,我们可以更好地在国际舞台上分享这道美食。